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... at our venues or with mobile teams - CABUWAZI offers a variety of individual possibilities for creating a circus atmosphere for your event.

Children's birthdays

Are you looking for a special place for your children’s next birthday party? Celebrate in one of our tents!

In special circus ambience, the birthday child and his or her guests practise various artistic performances with professional trainers.
The equipment and prices vary depending on the location and time of year and always cater to the wishes of the birthday party.

ATTENTION: We only offer children’s birthday parties in Tempelhof at the moment. As soon as this changes, we will inform you!

Children’s birthday party in Tempelhof
4h (training and break)
At a children’s birthday party at CABUWAZI Tempelhof (for up to 20 children), one or two trainers give circus training for the birthday child and their guests. The training takes place three out of four hours. During this time, the children can try out different disciplines under guidance and with professional support and usually already have a great sense of achievement in one of their chosen disciplines.
An hour’s break is set aside for eating birthday cake, unwrapping presents or simply taking a breather. You can bring your own food and drink. You can book decorations through us.

General information

  • Location: CABUWAZI Tempelhof
  • Duration: 4h in total (3h training, 1h break)
  • Minimum age: 6 years
  • Small party (up to 10 children): 499,00 €.
  • Big party (up to 20 children): 699,00 €


More information and booking

Patrica Raabe
Coordination children's birthday

Circus at your party

Circus fascinates, entertains and inspires. If you are wondering if it is possible to book a CABUWAZI performance for your event: the answer is “yes”. We have different formats on offer.

Book a join-in circus
Are you planning an event and want to offer your guests and their children a special experience? The join-in circus invites you to actively participate! Already after a short period of time you will have the first sense of achievement and maybe even a small performance at the end.

Book a Walking Act
Are you planning an event and want to set a small but special accent? Walking Acts are single artists (e.g. stilt walkers, unicyclists, jugglers, …), who mingle with the people at your party and always astonish with their short performances.

Book a show or performance
Would you like a complete CABUWAZI show at your event? Whether it’s a business lunch or a summer party, we offer performances and shows for various occasions. We can create almost everything you dream of.

Rent a circus tents
If you don’t want to rent our entire site, CABUWAZI offers you the possibility to rent different tents with different equipment for your event – of course you can additionally book it’s delivery and assembly.

Prices and booking
The prices vary according to circumstances and estimates are made individually. It is often worthwhile to ask for availability early on, as the groups are sometimes fully booked in advance. Is your event next week? Ask anyway – we will try to make it possible.

Your party at our place

Some CABUWAZI locations can be rented entirely for private events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or for company events.

Celebrate with your guests in an extraordinary atmosphere! On request, we can provide catering and a complete show programme. The sound and light systems available in all CABUWAZI tents can, of course, be rented as well. The prices and possibilities vary depending on the location. Below you will find an overview of the options and specific contact persons at our sites.


Tents and premises
Play tent (600 m2, round stage 100 m2, approx. 60 cm high, dome height approx. 14 m, approx. 250 seats, can be extended to 350, heated) / Awning (with cash desk area, heated) / Snack and drink bar / Two training tents (hexagonal dome tents, 205 m2 and 130 m2, without seating) / Café (12 seats inside and 16 seats outside)

Equipment in the play tent
Large backstage area with dressing rooms / video transmission from the stage / suspension device for aerial acrobatics (4-point ring traverse above the outer edge of the stage in approx. 4 m height) / attachment points for air props at the dome / floodlight (from the front and above with Fresnel and plano-convex lights) / side light (aisle) and back light (white and coloured, special positions from the front and below for aerial acrobatics) / 1kW chaser at FoH (zoomable and dimmable) / hall light (dimmable) / moving light (4 x GLP YPOC 575 Color, 2 x Showtec Phantom 50) / Lighting Mixing Console (MA Lighting Lightcommander 24/6, ArtNet DMX Interface for Software DMX applications) / Audio Mixing Console (Allen & Heath, 24 Inputs, 2 Aux Ways, Sub-Out, Professional PA) / Four Tweeter / One Subwoofer / Elevated Front of House (Technician’s Workstation, central in front of stage)

Free areas
Lawn and pavement / Large meadow / Secret garden / Fireplace

Other equipment
10 sets of folding benches and tables / grill / mobile stage consisting of 16 stage platforms (1 x 2 m, 30 cm high)

Up to 50 persons in private kitchen / drinks as desired (no spirits) / dishes, cutlery, glasses up to 20 persons

Our toilets are not wheelchair accessible (steps).

Please contact us directly for prices, capacities and special conditions.


In addition to the tent, the training hall in Marzahn is also available for bookings. Enough space available for events such as weddings, birthdays, company celebrations, etc.

Tents and premises
Show tent (tent diameter 22 m, with seating for 250, with chairs and dining tables for 192, air-conditioned) / Awning (round, 10 m diameter, with counter, usable as reception, cloakroom or buffet area, air-conditioned) / Six party tents (2 x 2 m) / Circus café with counter (circus wagon with 30 m² terrace) / Sports hall with changing rooms, sanitary facilities and kitchen (approx. 900 m²) / Five changing room circus wagons

Equipment in the show tent
Stage (9.5 m wide, 13 m deep, 8.5 m high, divisible by different curtain pulling variants) / video screens / backstage area with make-up mirrors / suspension device for aerial acrobatics (two automatic chain hoists with 0.5 t pulling force each) / various truss systems (2-, 3- and 4-point, variable heights selectable) / working light / audience lighting and stage lights (36 channels of 3600 W conventional light, 16 channel units of moving light) / chaser / hybrid console / sound mixer / 24 channel multicore system / player for MD and CD / headset and handheld transmitter microphone system / professional sound system

Equipment in the event hall of the sports hall
total area 450 sqm / 150 sqm stage area with curtains / seating for 175 – 200 people / professional light, sound and video equipment is available / entrance foyer / 250 sqm further adjoining rooms with backstage area / internet connections, large cloakrooms, toilets, small café, disabled access and equipment is available / small and large catering or drinks supply can also be offered

Lawn areas (incl. area around the gymnasium at the tent) / barbecue area (paved and illuminated) / footpaths (approx. 2,500 m², paved) / open-air stage (8 m wide x 6 m deep, 0.8 m raised)

Other equipment
barbecue / circus props / large costume collection / variable stage set / video beamer / office container / various percussion instruments / sets of folding benches and tables

Hospitality and Catering
Catering possible in the event tent (space for 192 people) Circus-Café (circus wagon with 30 m² terrace, counter, space for 40 people) / Catering service up to 300 people possible / Drinks as desired (no spirits) / Dishes, cutlery and glasses up to 200 people

Our toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Please contact us directly for prices, capacities and special conditions.

Any questions?

Ralf Lindner
Site Management
+49 (0)30 / 32 66 97-50


Tents and premises
Show Tent (round four-mast tent, diameter 22 m, 300 seats) / Large Training Tent (round four-mast tent, diameter 22 m) with awning (oval two-mast tent, 10 m x 16 m, with counter, can be used as reception, cloakroom or buffet area) / Small Training Tent (oval four-mast tent, 16 m x 22 m) / Circus-Café with counter (with kitchen 20 m² & guest room 48 m²)

Equipment in the show tent
Hanging device for aerial acrobatics (ring traverse Ø 14 m) / working light / 72 channel hybrid light desk / 36 dimmer channels / 2 LED PARs / 32 channel analog sound desk / 24/8 multi-core system

Total area approx. 9000 m², mainly covered with basaltite slabs / sculpture park and raised beds / open-air terraced theatre (seating for 200 people) / high wire course

Other equipment
circus props / large costume collection / variable stage set / office containers / sets of folding benches and tables

Our toilets are wheelchair accessible. We have an all-gender toilet.

Please contact us directly for prices, capacities and special conditions.

Any questions?

David Jost
Event coordination


Tents and premises
One show tent (two-mast tent, 380 m2, ring 100 m²) and one training tent (one-mast tent, 200 m²) / café (approx. 20 m², 30 seats inside and 30 seats outside)

Equipment in the show tent
Hanging device for aerial acrobatics (rod with seven eyelets, distance 50 cm forring, trapeze and vertical rope or cloth) / working light and multicoloured headlight illumination / sound mixing desk and headset system / beamer

Lawn and pavement

up to 30 persons in private kitchen / external caterer available / drinks on request (no alcohol in the afternoon café) / dishes, cutlery and glasses up to 80 persons / barbecue

Our toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Please contact us directly for prices, capacities and special conditions, either by phone +49 (0)30 / 60 96 95-63 or by e-mail.

Any questions?

Britta Niehaus
Site Management and Therapeutic Management Circus Therapy
+49 (0)30 / 60 96 95-62