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Welcome to the arena

CABUWAZI is one of the largest children and youth circuses in Europe.

Our arena is a space for circus, dance, theatre, music and language. In the afternoon courses, school project weeks, holiday workshops and in special inclusive and mobile training offers, CABUWAZI promotes individual forms of expression, social skills and creative abilities of children and young people between the ages of 4 and 19.

In addition to the training courses, we regularly open our tents for shows by our CABUWAZI Kids or guest performances by international circus formations – and we offer workshops and further training courses for young people and teachers in cooperation with the Circus Akademie Berlin.

You can find an overview of our training, shows and further education courses here. If you are looking for a circus atmosphere for your own event, visit our “Celebrate & Rent” page.

Circus Holidays

During the school holidays in Berlin, CABUWAZI organizes special holiday courses for all children and young people from the age of seven and older.

Under the guidance of professional trainers, the young participants immerse themselves in the fascinating world of circus, face artistic and sporting challenges and discover hidden talents. In CABUWAZI’s special atmosphere, self-developed circus shows are created within a week, which enchant both performers and their audience.

Training usually takes place from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm in our circus tents. Every Friday at 3 p.m,  the children present their new skills to proud parents and astonished friends in a big show in our tents.

The shows are free of charge and everybody is invited to watch. Reservations should still be made on our ticket page. There you will also find the latest registration options for our courses.

School and kindergarten project weeks

School classes and daycare groups come to the circus for a week, for a completely different teaching approach.

In an acrobatic pyramid, everyone has to hold and support one another. Therefore these acrobatic experiences strengthen the sense of responsibility, the ability to work in a team. In our school project weeks the young artists grow – not only beyond their own limits, but also into a social structure that is supportive and strong. Our circus pedagogical concept aims to give children and young people the chance to discover new abilities and strengthen their creative self-perception.

Full of self-confidence and team spirit, the pupils can then show their development at the end of the week in a self-developed circus show.

Any further questions?

Chadra El-Saadi
Coordination School Project Weeks
+49 (0)30 / 544 690 95

Afternoon trainings

Our afternoon courses are aimed at all children and young people from the age of nine and are free of charge at most of our locations.

The diversity of artistic disciplines on offer ensures that everyone can train according to their inclinations and interests. Our various tents and other rooms offer enough space and flexible climatic conditions for summer and winter periods. Our training is led and accompanied by professional artists, circus and social pedagogues.

We offer open training courses for beginners as well as fixed training groups of different levels. Some of these groups train several times a week and work together on new shows, which they present regularly to an audience.

Even though at many locations our fixed groups are often already fully booked, there are usually some courses with open spots. For all of them it is crucial that children and trainers get to know each other first in order to correctly assess previous knowledge and skills. Therefore every child and teenager from the waiting list first gets invited to an obligatory test training.


CABUWINZIG - these are the afternoon courses for our smallest circus stars. Here children from four to nine years can try out various circus disciplines within the framework of an age-appropriate concept.

Corresponding to their developmental stage, the training sessions are calm and imaginative. Movement sequences are conveyed in simple visual images strength, coordination, mobility and endurance are trained in a playful way. We also incorporate small role plays to practice acting skills that are useful when building an act and performing in front of an audience.

Participation in the CABUWINZIG courses is subject to a fee and the courses are usually fully booked at most locations. Take a look on our booking page to get a spot on the waiting list for the desired course.

Youth groups

In recent years successful youth ensembles have formed at the CABUWAZI Altglienicke, Marzahn, Tempelhof and Treptow.

Several times a week young adults train self-organized for their own shows, which are performed throughout the year in the circus tents, at outdoor performances or festivals.

If you are interested in participating or, alternatively, booking our youth ensembles as show acts, please contact the locations offices.


Children and young adults from the age of 14 work in Altglienicke‘s youth group in a participative and autonomous way on technical skills and their own shows. CABUWAZI trainers support and accompany them, especially in theatrical and artistic questions. The ensemble has set its own highlights in recent years with the musical “Anna and Felix” (2010 and 2011) and the two plays “Delecrea” (2012 to 2014) and “Mutatio” (2014).


The members of the Marzahn Formation “Da Capo” have been training in CABUWAZI‘s advanced courses for many years and therefore have a very high level of circus technique and artistic skills. The group trains independently twice a week with great success.
At numerous competitions within Germany and beyond, “Da Capo” has won prizes and awards. The group is regularly booked for big events and parties and has already performed several times at the summer party of Berlin’s governing mayor.


At the end of 2019, a new youth group was founded at our Tempelhof site. The group is currently training on Fridays from 18-19.30.
The special thing about the group is that they train and communictae in many different languages and share their experiences with diversity and migration beyond the boundaries of the group. In this sense the offer is open to all young people interested in circus. Previous experience in circus arts is not necessary.


YOU’N’ME are teenagers and young adults between 14 and 26 years. They work independently on productions incorporating acting, dancing, singing and lots of circus. The performances focus on social themes and the young people’s living environment.

Beyond training and performance, here they continue their education in circus pedagogy. All participants acquire the youth trainer’s certificate, complete an instruction, first aid training and certify as co-trainers. Their extraordinary group work and commitment already earned them the Youth Action Prize.


Training for adults

Our location in Tempelhof also offers open training courses for young adults. An opportunity to learn the basics in acrobatics and dance acrobatics or train existing skills.

On Mondays, experienced and advanced students can use our tent for their own training, on Tuesdays and Thursdays there are trainers on site, offering help and giving tips to beginners.

On mondays the training is free of charge, but a donation is requested. For tuesdays & thursdays training a ten-ticket pass must be purchased in our information office. The regular price is 5€/training, reduced price 3€/training.

The first trial training is always free of charge. Feel free to contact us if you have problems with financing, we are open for fair solutions!


Public shows and events take place regularly in all CABUWAZI circus tents – more than 100 each year.

Among regular events are final presentations of school project weeks and circus holidays as well as our now legendary “Manegenzauber” (stage magic) during the Advent season. In addition, there are workshop shows of our training groups, youth ensembles and guest performances of groups and circus artists* from all over Europe throughout the year.

Come in - open afternoon activities

“Tag der offenen Zelte”, Weekend circus, Family Saturday, „Baumscheibenfest“ and many more...

We regularly open our tents at our six locations and invite interested people to come by and get to know us and our places.

Tempelhof hosts a weekend circus for young adults and families with children almost every week. On Sunday afternoons you have the opportunity to try out various circus disciplines such as acrobatics, wire walking, trampolining or juggling. At Altglienicke, too, our family Saturdays attract guests every month with small circus workshops or cake picnics.
CABUWAZI Treptow regularly participates in Flea markets, concerts and the annual Baumscheibenfest often in close cooperation with neighbourhood initiatives.

Circus canteen

Enjoy lunch and coffee on our circus in Treptow.

At Bouchéstraße we open our small cozy circus café on weekdays (except during school vacations) offering fresh food and a good selection of hot and soft drinks. The smell of freshly baked cake invites you to enjoy, share and unwind.

Circus AGs

We offer a circus class at respective partner schools once a week

Here pupils continuously learn different artistic disciplines, which will be presented in their own shows at the end of our workshops. In day-care centres, CABUWAZI trainers* give pre-school children their first playful instructions in the circus arts.

In order to support the cultural education of especially disadvantaged children and young people, CABUWAZI enters into educational alliances with schools and other institutions within the framework of the “Zirkus macht stark” programme, which has been approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as “Kultur macht stark. Alliances for Education”.

We would be happy to put together an individual offer for you and advise you on funding opportunities.

Any further questions?

Elisabeth Schelhas
Project coordination afternoon programme
+49 (0)30 / 54 46 90-95


Every day we load our red Caddy with circus props and drive to daycare centres in Berlin - doing circus and training with the youngest children.

Once a week over a period of six months, day care centre premises get decorated colourfully and the circus comes to change up the daily routine. To ensure an age-appropriate circus education we wrap up the training in stories, using a lot of fantasy and many props. The children learn their first movements on the ball, practise juggling and pyramid building, role plays and discover the trampoline.

The project was launched in 2015 in cooperation with the sponsors “Kinder im Kiez” and “Orte für Kinder”, and has since been implemented by a permanent team of trainers and educators.

Any further questions?

Chadra El-Saadi
Coordination school project weeks and circus holidays
+49 (0)30 / 54 46 90-95

Integrative Circus - mobile teams

For several years now CABUWAZI has been an important protagonist in the field of integrative free-time activities in Berlin. One of our main focuses is circus work with children and young people from refugee families, as well as with “welcome-classes” in Berlin schools.

Within the framework of the CABUWAZI projects, refugee children, adolescents and young adults have the opportunity to gain an insight into circus artistry and thereby discover personal strengths, experience social interaction in community and create positive connections to their new surroundings.

The original mobile project “Beyond Borders” has a permanent place at the Tempelhof location since 2017. On the circus site, children and young people from Berlin accommodation can take part in inclusive circus weeks, attend open training sessions, courses for beginners and advanced students and present their newly acquired skills to an audience in a grand finale circus show, together with other children and young people. Since then, the three circus tents on Tempelhofer Feld have also regularly hosted inclusive project weeks with welcome and regular classes from all over Berlin as well as holiday school project weeks with German language support.

Workshops and further training

We regularly hold workshops at the Circus Akademie Berlin or other CABUWAZI locations, where participants with various previous knowledge can further educate themselves in the fields of circus education and social cultural work.

The spectrum of these courses is very broad, ranging from workshops, accident prevention courses to circus pedagogical teaching of individual disciplines.

Circus Academy Berlin

The Circus Akademie Berlin (CAB) offers professional training for teachers, artists and career changers in the field of circus education.

The CAB is a sister company of CABUWAZI. Since 2010 it has been continuously working on developing and professionalising circus education further and is committed to consistent training and quality standards. Its aim is to make pedagogy an experience instead of only being a teaching method. This is why the CAB works from practice for practice.

The CAB offers part-time further education as a circus trainer, full-time training as a circus educator and numerous individual workshops for beginners and advanced students.

Circus disciplines