Your donation for CABUWAZI


Participatory circus for all - with your help

How nice that you want to donate to us!

With your donation you help us to continue and expand our integrative circus work. We leave the amount to you – every donation helps.

A few examples from everyday circus life:

  • 5 euros is the price of a skipping rope.
  • 30 Euros is the price of a diabolo.
  • On average, a child’s training fee is 50 euros a month.
  • 130 euros is what you pay for a unicycle.
  • 400 euros is the price of a running ball.
  • About 3,000 euros is the monthly cost of a heated tent.

Your donation is tax-deductible. For donations of less than 200 Euros, the tax office will recognise your deposit or transfer slip in combination with your bank statement as a receipt. However, we will automatically send you a donation receipt at the end of the year.

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